by argox

HM Classic Themecompatible with: TableNinja

  • 6-max

    HM Classic Theme
  • blue buttons

    HM Classic Theme
  • black buttons

    HM Classic Theme
  • red buttons

    HM Classic Theme
  • backs

    HM Classic Theme
  • notes

    HM Classic Theme
  • heads-up

    HM Classic Theme
  • 4-max

    HM Classic Theme
  • 8-max

    HM Classic Theme
  • 10-max

    HM Classic Theme
  • stud

    HM Classic Theme
  • draw

    HM Classic Theme
  • omaha

    HM Classic Theme
  • mini-table

    HM Classic Theme
  • backgrounds

    HM Classic Theme
  • TableNinja bet sizing + PokerStars hotkeys

    HM Classic Theme
  • TableNinja bet sizing and hotkeys

    HM Classic Theme

If you have any problems when using a mod, first of all update the PokerStars client program (start through a standard shortcut), then install actual mod version from site."

Theme created for all those who are tired of excess glitter and tinsel ;)

Colors of theme, cards and chips are carefully selected for enduring comfortable playing on any table amount and sizes using stats.

TableNinja (TableNinja 2) compatible using patch

fully compatible with StarsHelper (version without chat too)

Autotimebank. You can use free lite version of StarsHelper for it

UPTO compatible


You can easily find suitable notes for your stats layout: included 5 types(color borders, color pods, FTP notes, Neon and Grinder notes)

FTP sounds included

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Version: 12.2
Update: 09-10-19
Cards Euphoria deck
Ten as «T»
Ten as «10»
Black spades
yellow spades
version without chat
Chips Light Chips
supported games
2/6/9/10omaha hi/lo
2/87 card stud
2/87 card stud hi/lo
2/8Triple Stud
2/65 Card Draw
2/62-7 Triple Draw
2/62-7 Single Draw